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Discover the most charming local wineries and immerse in the world of wine in your own tempo.


We handpicked the calmest and most beautiful roads through the vineyards of the area. This tour allows you to dive into the world of wine. You can learn all about the history and the "behind the scenes" stuff of the wine production, or you can simply have a taste of the most delicious wines that this area has to offer. A beautiful ride where speed is not an issue - it's about enjoying the beauty of Bardolino and leaving the hectic of everyday life behind.




In this self-guided tour, you will be visiting the two most fascinating wineries; ZENI & Villa Calicantus

after a relaxing ride to Bardolino along the lake you will be ascending into the backcountry toward the calm roads that offer beautiful views on the lake and let you forget the hectic of the lakefront. 


First Stop: Cantina Zeni


The first stop then will be the Cantina ZENI which invites you to have a free visit to the local wine museum. This little exhibition is especially interesting because including the free visit you get a little taste of everything you see in the end. 



The real highlight of the Cantina ZENI is the Olfactory Gallery (Smell-Gallery):

"Olfaction is an often neglected, nearly forgotten sense. The wine's fragrances are the essence of our soils, the inimitable signature that makes every bottle distinctive. The Zeni winery is proud to present the olfactory gallery, a new eno-sensory tasting, which is the first of its kind in Italy. In this tour, you can put your olfactory memory to the test, an all-embracing experience, where this neglected sense becomes the leading character again."


Time 45-60 min

 Cost per Person 15€



Second Stop: Villa Callicantus


Leaving the Cantina Zeni you will be taken back to the calm streets through the vineyards, riding along the hidden country roads between the shade of the typical Mediterranean fauna with it's olive, almonds and cypress trees. Despite not being a very long ride you will want to take your time to enjoy this lush nature and the wonderful Italian landscape. 

The next stop then will be the small, but without a doubt the most fascinating Winery of Bardolino - Villa Calicantus. On top of the highest hill of the Bardolino Classico area, resides this lovely estate with the slogan at the entry "Where Wine Is Passion". Villa Calicantus is the only winery where the work is still done all organic and biodynamic thus the love for the wine and the respect for their land can be felt all the way. Go and find out for your self by having a wine and snack in their magnificent garden.





If you arrive at 15:00 you will be able to join a wine tasting & guided tour over the estate by daniele, the owner, himself. On this guided tour you will find out all the details behind the magic of the wine production process. Here is what they say about themselves, and we could not agree more:

"Villa Calicantus is a small organic and biodynamic winery, owned by the Delaini family since 1860.
Here the time stopped in the last century, for this reason, our wines are speaking another language compared to other Bardolino wines. Here everything tells you a story made of respect for the vineyards, for the wine and for those who are drinking it.

Because this is a unique place, we don’t want to run the usual wine tasting you can have had in many other wineries. Our wine tasting is different, not only because we work in a totally different way in the vineyards and in the winery, but because it’s not only a tasting.
Coming to Villa Calicantus is like having a trip in the past, in a past when wines and vines were the center of everything: during this experience, we will explain you in details how we work in organic in the vineyards and in the winery, to let you understand the differences with standard wines.
Come to visit us to discover this unique place."

Time approx. 3 hours 

Cost per Person 15€

Booking required



Options: Price per Person:
City Bike Rental 12€
E-Bike Rental 30€
ZENI Wine Museum Free
ZENI Smell Gallery Experience 15€
Villa Callicantus Wine & Snack 7€
Villa Callicantus Wine Tasting & Guided Tour 30€



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  • Difficulty: Easy
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