Rental policies

Rental policies

The most important thing for us is that you, your friends and / or your family have a successful vacation on Lake Garda. However, in order to avoid conflicts at the end of the day, we must refer to our general conditions and make sure that everyone who rents with us reads them carefully, understands them fully and agrees to our conditions.



Here is a brief overview of the most important points you should pay attention to:


1. the user takes full responsibility for the rental equipment

2. the bicycles are kept in a perfectly maintained condition and regularly serviced. Any damage and/or defects not mentioned by the staff at the time of handover must be recorded and reported by you immediately before you start your tour.

3. in case of improper use or treatment and / or damage or vandalism of the rented equipment, the user who caused the damage will be charged the cost of an appropriate repair according to the repair price lists of our store.

4. if the return of the loaned equipment cannot be effected before the closing time, the user must notify us immediately by calling +49 015231838979 to avoid further costs

5. the rental bikes are not insured. In case of destruction, theft or loss, the user will be charged costs equal to the market value of the rental equipment.

6. in the event of theft, the User is in any case required to report the theft to the Bardolino Police Department and to provide us with a copy of the report. If, without sufficient justification, the Rental Material is not returned in accordance with the terms of the Agreement for any reason, we reserve the right to file a theft claim against the User with the appropriate authorities.

7. for any litigation, the competent judicial authority is the Court of Verona, Italy.


Additional Conditions for Vespas:

 1. the driver is obliged to pay for any administrative offences and legal penalties during the rental period and to reimburse the rental company for them: be it administrative or postal fees (corresponding to 20,00 Euro + reminder fees).

2. are excluded from the rental price: Fuel costs, parking fees, fines, towing costs in case of an accident or caused by the authorities, as well as damages caused to the vehicle.

3. in case of damage to third parties (persons or property), the insurance will cover up to 3 million euros (with an excess of 260 euros + taxes).

4. Damages and Theft Insurance is not included in the base rent price.

5. An additional insurance is possible for an extra charge of 20€ (+ 15€ for each following day)


Additional Insurance

The additional insurance limits the amount to be paid for self-inflicted damage to the Vespa to a maximum of 650€. (max. 500€ damage + 150€ breakdown costs)

Theft is insured by the additional insurance with a deductible of 1.500€.

You always have to secure the Vespa with the included lock and take a photo (e.g. with your smartphone) after locking it to prove that the Vespa has been secured properly.

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